MZ@ !L!This program cannot be run in DOS mode. $ԦSBBB(C(zb̵Hb̳IBb̥Lb̲Cb̦ib̴Cb̰CRichBPEL@! 6 P P1 \! d @`H4.textQ4 6  `.dataP B: @.rsrc| @@.reloc  @BN, :, *, , 0 0 0 1 1 41 & & & & ' ' 6' J' \' p' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ( ( 4( H( V( l( z( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) &) 8) R) b) x) ) ) ) & & p& d& X& J& :& $ & & , , . . . . v. N. B. ,. . . - - - - - - - |- j- X- >- .- - , , , , , |, l, % % % % % % % % % ~% r% d% L% 4% &% % % & - 0 , + + + + + + + + + + |+ t+ j+ `+ V+ J+ @+ 4+ *+ + + + + * * * * * * * * * * * . . . . / / / $/ ./ D/ N/ \/ d/ l/ v/ ~/ / / / / / / / / / / / 0 0 "0 ,0 >0 H0 R0 \0 d0 p0 |0 0 0 * z* p* b* N* F* <* 2* (* * * ) ) @$`T\pdb error 0x%xpdb has no symbolsE_PDB_RESERVEDimage has invalid timestamppdb is stripped of cv infodbg file not foundinvalid executable imageE_PDB_ILLEGAL_TYPE_EDITE_PDB_ACCESS_DENIEDE_PDB_TI16E_PDB_CORRUPTE_PDB_LIMITfile system or network error reading pdbE_PDB_V1_PDBE_PDB_NOT_IMPLEMENTEDE_PDB_OUT_OF_TIE_PDB_PRECOMP_REQUIREDmismatched pdbfile not founddrive not readyout of memoryinvalid parametersOKdia error 0x%xmmmmdmDm$m$m m m m m8 m mmmmm`m8mmmmm`srcsrviddc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\dia.c%s - %s %s%s%s%s\%s%s%s%s%s%s\%s...%s%s%s%s\*%s mismatched pdb for %s Couldn't loadLoaded%s%s%s%s%s.pdbme && stream && *stream && buf && sizedia && stream && *stream && bufOMAPFROMOMAPTOFPOPDATAXDATAme && me->dia%s %s .exeredundant pdb call! me$$$::thunk@%I64xIP not set! `string'peBLOCK!cbd || ((LONG)(pg - pGlobals) < cGlobals)pe && me && namedirection == NP_NEXT || direction == NP_PREVme && me->dia && filenameme && cbdpCache[i].Data.plVal->Index == (ULONG) ipLargeVal == pCache[pLargeVal->Index].Data.plValDIACH_PLVAL == pCache[pLargeVal->Index].Data.typefalsepInfoFrameData(me != NULL) && (me->dia)  t d L 4     |pdXLD8, p`TReservedCOR20 HeaderDelay ImportImport Address TableBound ImportLoad ConfigurationThread StorageSpecialDescriptionDebugBase RelocationSecurityExceptionImportExportPosix CUIWindows CUIWindows GUINativeARM 32-bitIntel IA64Alpha AXP64Alpha AXPi386UnknownPOGOResourceLinkerCobolBasicPascalMASMFortranC++CDBGFILEMEMORYloaded memorydebuggerimage headersymbol serverdbg file pathimage pathsymbol search pathVIRTUALDIA PDBSYM16DEFERREDEXPORTPDBCVNONECLSIDRESERVED10OMAP FROM SRCBORLANDOMAP TO SRCFIXUPEXCEPTIONMISCCODEVIEWCOFFX64CEETRICOREALPHA64MIPSFPU16MIPSFPUMIPS16IA64THUMBAM33ARMSH5SH4SH3ESH3DSPSH3POWERPCFPPOWERPCALPHAWCEMIPSV2R10000R4000R3000I386UNKNOWNNo error - symbol load deferredPdb read access deniedCvinfo is corruptUnrecognized pdb formatImage header paged outDBGHELP Out of memoryError in load symbolsDBG not foundPDB not foundUnmatched PDBSymbols loaded successfully%s VC7 FPO - Disabled VC7 FPO - Enabled Force LOP frame unwind - %sabled LOP frame unwind - %sabled VC7 FPO - %sabled disenStack debugging mask is 0x%08x, output via %s callbackdebug outputStack debugging is off - symbol prompts on - symbol prompts off quiet modenoisy mode!sym - promptsprompts offquietnoisy!symsrv close - closes the symbol server client so it can be updated symbol server client has been closed close%08x%08x`%08x0x%s 0x%s - base - end name base - end name %d loaded modules... Couldn't find process 0x%x Couldn't get process handle Load Report: %s %I64lx is not a valid address %s not found Couldn't find process 0x%x while looking for %s couldn't get process handle Loaded Module Info: [%s] You must specify a module %I64x - %I64x error 0x%x looking for block Omap Block: [%s] 0x%I64x: %8x ->%8x OMAP TO: %8x <-%8x OMAP FROM: Dump OMAP: [%s] error 0x%x setting home directory to %s Home directory is %s %s!%s Source Files: [%s] Unknown image Cannot read Image Debug header @ %p *** *** Some section headers may be missing *** *** Can't read section headers Cannot allocate memory for reading sections Unknown NT Image signature Cannot read Image NT header @ %p Cannot read Image header @ %p Module does not have base address BBT OptimizedNumSyms %#lx, Numlines %#lx[Data paged out] - unable to load COFF info.unrecognized symbol format ID Age: %lx, Pdb: %sGUID: (0x%8x, 0x%4x, 0x%4x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x, 0x%2x) Sig: %lx, Age: %lx,%sPdb: %s [Debug data not mapped] - can't validate symbols, if present.%c%c%c%c - %s[Data not mapped] - Can't validate symbols, if present. [Debug data not mapped]%5lx, %5lx, %7lx %21s ??Debug Data Dirs: Type Size VA Pointer Compiler: %s - front end [%d.%d bld %d] - back end [%d.%d bld %d] from %s.- %s Symbol Type: %-9s %s- Image read successfully from %s. Image Type: %-9sDebug Directories not present Characteristics: %lx %s %s strippedperf CheckSum: %lx Size: %x Time Stamp: %lx (%s) Machine Type: %d Image Name: %s Base Address: %p%s is INVALID Module: %s Invalid extra argument -s Dump section headers -f Dump file headers -a Dump everything Options: Dumps headers from an image based at address Usage: dh [options] address Cannot allocate memory for dumping sections Bad file header No file header Can't read file header: error == %d %8lX [%8lX] address [size] of %s Directory %p size of stack reserve %p size of stack commit %p size of heap reserve %p size of heap commit ----- new ----- %p image base %8lX section alignment %8lX file alignment %8hX subsystem (%s) %8s operating system version %8s image version %8s subsystem version %8lX size of image %8lX size of headers %8lX checksum %hu.%02hu ----- rom ----- %8lX base of bss %8lX gpr mask cpr mask %08lX %08lX %08lX %08lX %8hX gp value OPTIONAL HEADER VALUES %8hX magic # %8s linker version %8lX size of code %8lX size of initialized data %8lX size of uninitialized data %8lX address of entry point %8lX base of code %u.%02u %s RESERVED - UNKNOWNDLLSystemDebug information stripped32 bit word machineBytes reversedApp can handle >2gb addressesSymbols strippedLine numbers strippedExecutableRelocations stripped%8lX file pointer to symbol table %8lX number of symbols %8hX size of optional header %8hX characteristics FILE HEADER VALUES %8hX machine (%s) %8hX number of sections %8lX time date stamp File Type: UNKNOWN File Type: ROM IMAGE File Type: EXECUTABLE IMAGE File Type: DLL File Type: COFF OBJECT Unknown Memory FlagsExecute Read WriteRead WriteExecute WriteWrite OnlyExecute ReadRead OnlyExecute Only64 byte align32 byte align16 byte align8 byte align4 byte align2 byte align1 byte align(no align specified)ProtectedPreloadLockedPurgeable or 16-BitSys HeapFar DataSharedNot PagedNot CachedDiscardableCommunalRemoveInfoOtherUninitialized DataInitialized DataCodeNo Pad %s Non-Relocatable overlayUCodeLibraryUninit DataGP Uninit DataGP Init DataLiteral 4Literal 8DataInit CodeTextRegular%8lX file pointer to line numbers %8hX number of relocations %8hX number of line numbers %8lX flags %8lX %s %8lX virtual address %8lX size of raw data %8lX file pointer to raw data %8lX file pointer to relocation table virtual sizephysical address SECTION HEADER #%hX %8.8s name Format: UNKNOWN - sig = 0x%x Format: RSDS, guid, %x, %s Format: NB10, %x, %x, %s Format: NB11 Format: NB09 Can't read debug data cb=%lx Image Name: %sCan't read debug data [Debug data not mapped] %8x %8x %8x (%6lu) pdata src -> -> src fixup misc fpo cv coff Type Size Address Pointer Debug Directories(%d) Can't read debug dir .rdata  ZFunctionEntryCache::Find returning FunctionEntry=%.8I64x %s FunctionEntryCache::Find returning NULL FunctionEntryCache::Find(ControlPc=%.8I64x, Machine=%X) FindDirect: got debug info entry from GetFunctionEntryFromDebugInfo FindDirect: got user entry from GetFunctionEntry FindDirect: got dynamic entry from FunctionEntryCallback64 FindDirect: ControlPc=0x%I64x functionEntry=0x%p FindStatic %s FAILEDsucceeded FindStatic: ReadImage functionEntryAddress=0x%I64x FAILED FindStatic: functionTable=0x%I64x sizeOfFunctionTable=%ld count:%ld FindStatic: cache hit - index=%ld FindStatic: ControlPc=0x%I64x ImageBase=0x%I64x biasedControlPc=0x%lx from target processZ@[Z[@[p[[\Z.pdataszc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\imagehlp.cfmtc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\linesym.cme && line64 && sciwllinew && llinepe && filename && *filenamepe && me && filename && *filenamepe && meSYMSRV: Pointer file is invalid SYMSRV: Compressed file needs a downstream store SYMSRV: %s needs a downstream store SYMSRV: %s is not a valid store SRV*SYMSRV*_NT_SYMBOL_PROXYSymbolServerIsStoreWSymbolServerStoreFileWSymbolServerGetIndexStringWSymbolServerStoreSupplementWSymbolServerGetSupplementWSymbolServerDeltaNameWSymbolServerPingSymbolServerSetOptionsWSymbolServerCloseSymbolServerWsymsrv.dll*\\symbols\symbols\\symbols\symbolssymsrv*SymSrv load failure: %s Can't use symbol server for %s - no header information available SrcSrvSetParentWindowSrcSrvResolveTokenVarWSrcSrvExecTokenWSrcSrvGetTokenWSrcSrvGetFileWSrcSrvRegisterCallbackSrcSrvUnloadModuleSrcSrvLoadModuleWSrcSrvGetOptionsSrcSrvSetOptionsSrcSrvSetTargetPathWSrcSrvCleanupSrcSrvInitWsrcsrv.dll%s is not source indexed Error 0x%x grabbing source in %s Source server error - %s Need a newer version of srcsrv.dll c:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\sesym.cFOUND NtfsFastIosymc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\symbols.clsymsymbolsnew session: new session: %sclosing session: closing session: %sDBGHELP_DBGOUTDBGHELP_LOGDBGHELP_TOKEN%sDBG%d.tmpdir && *dirdbgSHGetSpecialFolderPathWshell32.dlldirsrcsymcount < g.cProcessListp->function == dbhDiaVersionntdll;_NT_ALT_SYMBOL_PATH_NT_SYMBOL_PATHpsz && pwszffcbc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\symdbg.c*%s - OK %s - mismatched %s - mismatched timestamp OK %s - mismatched timestamp %s not found in %s %s found %_NT_SYMBOL_PATH%;%_NT_ALTERNATE_SYMBOL_PATH%fdcb%s - OK%s%s%s.dbg.dbgDebugFilePath\...%s - drive not ready *.*%s - drive not ready *.*Symbol loading cancelled No base address for %s: Please specify GetModuleForPC(%p, %I64x, true) failed GetModuleInformationGetModuleFileNameExWEnumProcessModulespsapi.dllNo header for %s. Searching for image on disk %s missing debug info. Searching for pdb anyway No debug info for %s. Searching for dbg file No header for %s. Searching for dbg file %s is stripped. Searching for dbg file NtfsFastIoCheckIfPossiblNtQueryInformationProcessntdll.dlldwObsfucator != 0c:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\sympriv.cCreateToolhelp32SnapshotModule32FirstModule32Nextkernel32.dllRtlDestroyQueryDebugBufferRtlCreateQueryDebugBufferRtlQueryProcessDebugInformationDBGHELP: DBGHELP: format - unmatchedsymbol errorvirtual symbol modulesymbol loaded from sym filesymbol load deferred not loadedexport symbols , not source indexed , source indexed public symbols %sprivate symbols %s& lines- %scv symbols not loadedcv symbols %scoff symbols not loadedcoff symbols %s& lines no symbols loadedimage\\[_:][_:]in && out && strlen(in) <= MAX_SYM_NAME\\[_:][_:]in && out && wcslen(in) <= MAX_SYM_NAMEOrdinalcvCreateSymbolTable failed unrecognized OMF sig: %x %c%c%c%c ::srv*.mpd, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\HotfixCRASH: HotfixesnoneCRASH: OS SPDRW: QFE%dDRW: build%S6.0DRW: OS versionABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789+/>?456789:;<=  !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123cmp && *cmp && trg && srcc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\util.cinAssertion at %s, line %d. %s%s%s%saccess is deniedpath not found%sSDB:    0              00222222222021 0 005789:;<=>? 0  00                         GHI J    LM  NOPQVWXYZ[\]       RShiTU    000000 !"#$%&'()*+,-./23                4   6@ ABCDEFWdPxPtPPPR R,R(R4R decode at %08x: op %s, len %x Invalid SWD_DECODE.SegSize %d processed a user callback, args %u stack %x, guessing indirect call stack %x, guessing direct call unk indirect call %x stack %x, found indirect call %x to %x indirect call %x: %x stack %x, found direct call %x to %x direct call %x: %x %x: potential call ret-addr %x, scan %x:%x call search %x to %x for call to %x accum frame: ebp %d, eip %d, esp %d, frame %d, unk %d, fp %d, uebp %d accum failed, 0x%08x WalkX86 out: PC %X, SP %X, FP %X, RA %X WalkX86 in: PC %X, SP %X, FP %X, RA %X GetUserExceptionDispatcherContext(%X) = %X ProcessContext(%X) Unable to initialize SWU analyzer nothing found found hit at %X SearchForReturnAddressLop: stack %X, func %X ignoring cross-image indirect call %X at %X ignoring invalid managed indirect call %X at %X best guess is %X found call, use %X exact function, use %X found function, use %X unreadable call site, use %X BOP, use %X can't read stack SearchForReturnAddress: stack %X, func %X no ebp, use %X pop reg, depth %d push reg, depth %d guess ebp at %X found ebp but no regarea, return %X push ebp at esp %X esp invalidated moved ebp to stack at %X esp changed to %X (%s) invalidvalid unknown code sequence %02X at %X unable to read code, use %X SearchForFramePointer: regs %X, ret ESP %X, numregs %d use clear ebp use search save %X from %X first use save FP %X first non-ebp save %X clear ebp pass-through FP %X non-FPO using %X GetFpoFrameBase: PC %X, Func %X, first %d, FPO %p [%d,%d,%d] cross-func call instr, back up return addr read %X GetReturnAddress: SP %X, FP %X WalkFF: save %X compute %X use %X WalkFN: WalkNF: WalkNN: * EBP not recovered Apply failed Result PC %X SP %X FP %X Applying frame data program for PC %X SP %X FP %X @e`` Apply failed, %08x Applying code analysis for PC %X SP %X FP %X WalkNext: PC %X, SP %X, FP %X WalkInit: PC %X, SP %X, FP %X Unable to read unwind info at %I64X Unable to allocate memory for unwind info Insufficient unwind info in symbols for %I64X:%X Invalid unwind info at %I64X Got unwind info length %X from symbols Unable to get basic symbol unwind info at %I64X:%X Unable to read basic unwind info at %I64X Prol: Unwind failed Prol: Returning with RIP %I64X, RSP %I64X Chain with entry at %I64X Prol: Op %X memory read 2 failed at %I64X Prol: Op %X memory read 1 failed at %I64X Prol: Op %X memory read failed at %I64X Prol: Invalid unwind op %X at index %X %02X: Code %X offs %03X, RSP %I64X Unwind info has 0x%X codes Prol: Unable to read unwind info Prol: Read unwind info at %I64X Prol: RIP %I64X, 0x%X bytes in function at %I64X Unable to read stack at %I64X Unable to read instruction stream at %I64X WalkAmd64 out: succ %d, PC %I64X, SP %I64X, FP %I64X, RA %I64X WalkAmd64 in: PC %I64X, SP %I64X, FP %I64X, RA %I64X Leaf %I64X RSP %I64X TempFp == SavedContext.Spc:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\walkarm.c*ReturnAddress == Context->PcFALSEDIPc>SectionStart && Pc<=SectionEndDummyInit[di.Rd](di.Rd==14) || (di.Rd==3)di.Rd==13DummyInit[di.Rs]Can't find runtime function entry info for %08x`%08x, results might be unreliable! x  kkkkkkkkkkkkkBrS4BrS3BrS2BrS1BrS0ApLCApUNATBrRpRsPFSIntSpPredsAddFixup: Bad context AddFixup: IP %016I64x, %016I64x - %016I64x -> %016I64x AddFixup: Table overflow FixAddr: Bad context Fix to %016I64x FixAddr: Look for %016I64x WARNING: Target register is not a stacked GR! ERROR: Invalid GR! WARNING: Ecount is greater than the # of active prologues! Undefined Label %d Body region desc B4: copy=%d, label_num=%d Epilog desc B3: ecount=%d, LEB128 val=%d Epilog desc B2: ecount=%d, LEB128(slot)=%d Body region desc B1: copy=%d, label_num=%d Read context from 0x%I64x Trap frame read from 0x%I64x NextPc = 0x%I64x, PSP = 0x%I64x, BSP = 0x%I64x GrMask = 0x%x FrMask = 0x%x Restored %s to %I64x MiscMask = 0x%x Restored IntSp to %I64x Invalid unwind descriptor! Region R3: body=%x, length=%d Region R2: body=0, length=%d Region R1 format: body=%x, length=%d Can't read Unwind Info - StackWalk can not continue Unknown ABI unwind descriptor Format P9 not supported yet! Invalid record type for descriptor P8! Prolog P8: type=%d slot= %d Invalid record type for descriptor P7! Prolog P7: type=%d slot= %d unwinder may produce incorrect result! Duplicate descriptors,spilled register BS%lx spilled register S%lx spilled register FS%lx Invalid descriptor! Prolog P8: type=%d pspoff= %d Prolog P8: type=%d spoff= %d Unsupported Unwind Descriptor! invalid unwind descriptors Prolog P7: type=%d, spillbase=%d Prolog P7: type=%d Slot=%d FrameSize=%d Prolog P7: type=%d pspoff= %d Prolog P7: type=%d spoff = %d Prolog P6: is_gr = %d, mask = %x Prolog P5: grmask = %x, frmask = %x Prolog P3: type=%d reg=%d Prolog P2: brmask=%x reg base=%d Prolog P1: brmask=%x Region R2: rmask=%x,grsave=%d,length=%d me->cvsme->cvs == 0c:\ntdepot\sdktools\debuggers\imagehlp\vsym.cWriteAtOffset.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteAtOffset.Seek(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xASSERT FailedWriteMemoryFromProcess.Read(0x%I64x, 0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteStringToPool.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFunctionTable.RawEntries.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFunctionTable.RawTable.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFunctionTableList.DumpTable.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFunctionTableList.Seek(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteDirectoryEntry.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xThread(0x%x) callback returned FALSEModule(0x%I64x, %ws) callback returned FALSEWriteSystemInfo.GetOsCsdString failed, 0x%08xWriteSystemInfo.GetCpuInfo failed, 0x%08xCalculateSizeForSystemInfo.GetOsCsdString failed, 0x%08xFull memory minidump produced memory blocksWriteHeader.GetCurrentTimeDate failed, 0x%08xWriteDirectoryTable.Seek(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteMemoryInfo.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xMemory info stream overflowedMemory info stream RVA overflowedWriteFullMemory virtual memory layout changed, retries %d, 0x%I64x (0x%I64x:0x%I64x) vs. 0x%I64x (0x%I64x:0x%I64x)WriteFullMemory.Memory.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFullMemory.Memory.Read(0x%I64x, 0x%x) failed, 0x%08xWriteFullMemory.Desc.Write(0x%x) failed, 0x%08xFull memory stream overflowedFull memory stream RVA overflowedKernel minidump write failed, 0x%08xMarshalExceptionPointers.CxRecord.Read(0x%I64x, 0x%x) failed, 0x%08xMarshalExceptionPointers.ExRecord.Read(0x%I64x, 0x%x) failed, 0x%08xInvalid exception record parameter count (0x%x)Invalid exception record size (0x%x)Invalid CPU type (0x%x)Invalid function table size (0x%x)GetSystemType.GetOsInfo failed, 0x%08xARMAMD64IA64x86GetSystemType.GetCpuType failed, 0x%tbox-label>[ 2017/6/6 16:59:00 | By: Ȼ ]
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